A Guide To The Ultimate Good Morning Messages For Her

You’re finally taking things to the next level with her. Now, you aren’t just going back and forth on some dating app with random girls. You’re narrowing your focus and fully flirting and getting to know her more intimately.

Nothing beats waking up to someone in person, but getting the perfect good morning message can be a close second. On the other hand, you don’t want her waking up feeling annoyed, creeped out, or second-guessing your text message!

Here’s how to win her over every single time with these Good morning messages for her to flirt and make her smile.

Good Morning Message for Her: Why They Matter

Why bother wishing her a good morning? Is it something you must do every morning, or is it better to keep things fun and random?


First, starting the day on a good note can leave her smiling for the rest of the day. You’re priming her to feel special and loved, and what woman doesn’t like that?

Most of all, you’re showing her that she’s on your mind first thing when you wake up. And if that doesn’t show a true sense of connection, what does?

The morning offers a sense of hope and wonder. No matter how bad yesterday may have been, we all get somewhat of a blank slate when we wake up.

By sending her a message during this time, you’re showing her that you’re there when the sun rises- and you’ll be there when it goes down.

No, you don’t have to wish her a good morning every morning. And doing so might even make it sound less genuine (because it feels forced).

But taking advantage of opportunities to tell her how much you appreciate her will never get old!

Sweet Good Morning Messages When You’re Just Getting to Know Someone

Even if you aren’t a morning person, it’s time to get in the habit of sending her a message when you wake up. It’s one of those small gestures that can make a big difference.

Here are some easy texts to send when you’re interacting with a new girl.

Good Morning! Thinking of You. I Hope Your Day Goes Well!

This low-pressure text comes across as friendly without being overly forward. You’re showing that she’s definitely on your mind and that you’re sending her your best wishes moving forward.

And because you aren’t attaching a question to it, there’s no real pressure for her to respond.

Good Morning! How Are You? Whatcha Up to Today?

This is a slight variation of the above text, but the differences are important. You’re showing concern for how she’s doing, and you’re also asking two open-ended questions.

If you want to continue texting her throughout the day, this is a great icebreaker.

Good Morning! I Hope You Have a Wonderful Day Today

This is another low-pressure text that shows off your kindness. When you wish someone a wonderful day, you tell them they deserve all the happiness in the world.

This text can be easy to send when you’re just starting to text back and forth (or if you know she’s busy that day).

I’m Hoping You’re Having a Very Good Morning!

This is a great message if you’re in the middle of your day and want to check in with her.

It isn’t something you need to send right when you wake up, but it shows that you’re thinking of her and hoping she’s having a great morning- even when you’re not there.

It’s a New Morning! How Did Your Night Go?

You can send her this text if you want to follow up by checking in on how her night went. Of course, don’t be too nosy. Let her come around and tell you on her own terms.

But asking her this is a gentle way to keep the conversation flowing throughout the day.

Good Morning Messages When You’re Already in a Relationship

How do you convey your love when you’re apart? Whether you and your partner are long-distance- or you’re simply away from them that night- sending the right text message can make all the difference in starting their day off right.


Here are some good morning messages to consider sending:

Good Morning My Love

Only a few things are sweeter than calling a woman ‘your love.’ It shows a sense of deep adoration and fondness– you love her, and there’s no mistaking that!

Good Morning Sunshine

Sunshine is a sweet term of endearment that indicates a sense of playfulness in your relationship. If she’s as bright as the morning sun, it’s worth trying!

Good Morning Baby

Baby sometimes has sexual undertones to it, but calling her baby may also be your preferred nickname.

Good Morning Gorgeous


Being called gorgeous is one of the best compliments a woman can receive. It’s an especially considerate compliment if you know she sometimes feels insecure about her appearance.

Good Morning Honey

Honey is playful and fun, but it can also be romantic. Many couples use this term to refer to each other lovingly, so it’s a great way to start their morning off.

Good Morning Darling

Most women swoon over being called darling. It’s an old-fashioned term of endearment, but it’s kind and special.

Good Morning Sweetie


Sweetie is playful and casual, perfect for newer or long-established couples who feel very comfortable with each other!

Good Morning Sweetheart

Sweetheart is a more formal take on ‘sweetie,’ but it can be just as impactful. It’s a lovely good morning message to send someone you really care about.

Good Morning. I Spent All Night Dreaming About You

Any wonderful woman would love knowing you were on her mind all night. This text also usually prompts a follow-up dialogue.

She will inevitably want to know your dreams, so you’ll have to be willing to tell her!

Every Morning Is Amazing Because You’re In My Life

If you really want to make her feel special (and of course you do), let her know that every morning in your life has become infinitely better because you have her.

This shows that, no matter what happens, even if you have the most hectic and tiring day, you’ll be okay, as you know you have that love bonding you together.

You’re as Beautiful as This Beautiful Morning Sun

This is a great good morning text to send if you’re willing to wake up early enough to catch the sunrise. Ideally, you should snap a picture of the sun and then follow that photo up with this sweet message.

Sexy Flirty Good Morning Messages When You Want to Subtly

Stir the Pot

It’s a misconception that people can only be seductive at night. If you start being flirty in the morning, you’re setting up a vibe for the rest of the day (and you’re making things hot and exciting!). There’s a good chance she can’t wait to see you later.

Good Morning…I Can’t Stop Thinking About Last Night

So, what exactly did happen last night? This is the perfect text if you want to keep things steamy without being totally obvious.

It’s also a great way to gauge how she’s processing the events that happened between you two.

Does she agree that last night went better than planned? Is she hoping for more of a taste? Is she off to a good morning just thinking about it?

Every Morning I Wake Up Thinking About Seeing You Later

There’s something that’s both flirty and sweet in this message. You’re telling her that she’s on your mind every morning. And you’re also admitting that you spend your entire day waiting to see her next!

Good Morning…I Dreamt About You Last Night…

There’s nothing like waking up and discovering that someone you like dreamt about you. It’s flattering, and it’s exciting, and it’s the fuel for such a great morning.

Adding the … adds more suspense to the text. You know she will want to follow up and find out what you meant!

I Can’t Wait for Tonight.

This skips the ‘good morning’ part of the message and dives right into acknowledging that she drives you wild and you can’t wait to see her later. Talk about the start of a wonderful morning!

Only You Get Me Texting So Early In the Morning 🙂

If you’re not generally a morning person, owning up to that can become its own witty banter.

By letting her know she’s a clear exception to your texting rule, you’re showing that she matters and that you’re happy to wake up early just to ensure she has a lovely day ahead.

Good Morning… I’m Sure Missing Your Bright Blue Eyes Right Now

You can replace blue with whatever color her eyes actually are!

And if she has another defining feature that you adore (like her smile), you can focus on that instead.

But with this kind of message, you’re letting her know that you miss her without being overly direct on why or what you wish you could be doing.

This suspense should increase her excitement and keep her feeling flattered throughout the day.

Romantic Good Morning Messages When You Want to Be Sweet

There’s a time and place to be sweet, and the morning is a great time to do it! So before making that morning coffee, get on your phone and consider sending one of these sweet texts. You’ll be sure to make her smile and feel excited.


Good Morning, My Sleeping Beauty

Did she wake up much later than usual? Calling someone a sleepy beauty is a playful way to flirt while still wishing them a beautiful morning.

You aren’t criticizing her sleep schedule- you’re simply highlighting that you know any wonderful woman needs her special beauty rest!

Thinking of You on This Lovely Morning

The best romance is often short and sweet.

Consider sending this text on a particularly beautiful morning (like when it’s the first sunny day after a series of cold or gloomy days).

You’re announcing that you recognize the pretty day and the pretty girl in your life.

I Woke Up Thinking About You, and I Have a Huge Smile on My Face

This is one of the sweetest good morning texts.

You’re starting your romantic good morning off right by admitting that she’s entirely on your mind and that you like her there!

As the Cool Morning Breeze Blows, I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

Does this good morning text sound cheesy? Yes!

But can it still put a smile on her face? Most definitely!

Women love when a guy can show off his playful side and be cheesy and romantic at the same time.

You Know You’re My Dream Girl, Right?

This is one of those beautiful good morning messages that never gets old!

You’re basically reminding her that she’s the source of your joy, inspiration, and love. She has everything you want and more; you want her to have the most amazing morning.

I Love Waking Up to Next You. It’s Hard Being Apart!


Whether you two are long-distance or if you have to spend a night apart, it’s hard to be alone. Don’t miss the opportunity to tell her how grateful you are to wake up to her in the morning.

You Are Seriously the Most Special and Wonderful Woman

Instead of a standard good morning text, why not wake her up with a great compliment?

Send her this message, and you can guarantee she’ll feel special all day!

I Can’t-Wait to Fall Asleep Next to You Again

If you can’t wait to see her, let her know!

A good morning message, after all, is nice. But reminding her that you prefer the real deal (being with her in person) shows her how serious you are about your commitment to one another.

I Would Give Anything to Come Over and Give You a Good Morning Kiss

Who doesn’t want to be woken up with hugs and kisses from the person they love the most?

This text conveys that you miss her and that you want a day filled with love for her.

Every Single Morning, I Think About You the Moment I Wake Up

Nobody should be your only inspiration or only happiness, but in the context of a relationship, it feels good knowing that you’re so strongly and consistently on someone’s mind.

If you do wake up every morning thinking about her, there’s no need to hide it! You’re just putting your feelings on the line and telling her how much she means to you.

Thanks for Being the Best Part of My Life

A new morning brings a new chance for compliments.

This text is as sweet as it is impactful. You’re letting her know that there’s nothing better in your life- and what could be better than that?

Good Morning! I Know You’re Busy Today, But I Want You to Know How Much I Love You

This is a lovely morning message when you want to impact a woman without making her stop texting you back. Rest assured, she’ll be sure to respond once she has a moment!

Thinking of You and Hoping You Have a Truly Amazing Day

If you’re looking for meaningful good morning messages that don’t require much effort, this is a great one to send.

You’ve let her know she’s on your mind and made it clear that you only have the best intentions in mind for her!

Good Morning! It’s Such a Wonderful World Because You’re Here

This is another kind of message that shows how delighted you are to have her in your life. Not only do you love her, but she genuinely makes your world better and better.

Good Morning Babe. I Love You

You can replace babe with sweetheart, sweetie, love, or any other pet name that you prefer.


Using a pet name deepens the sense of intimacy in a relationship. It’s a playful way to say, We belong together, and I care about you fondly!

Good Morning to the Woman I Love!

This is a spin from the generic I love you message. You’re announcing that she’s the woman you love and making it known that you hope she has a wonderful day ahead.

Good Morning Beautiful. Did You Have a Good Night’s Sleep?

She’s beautiful, but is she off to a sweet morning? Or is she still feeling tired or restless?

You might not know unless you ask! Checking in on someone’s sleep quality shows that you care about their well-being and that you’re attentive to her needs.

I Love You and Hope You have a Fantastic Morning

Simple but sweet. This is an easy way to wish someone a good morning and let them know they’re loved.

Final Thoughts on the Best Good Morning Texts

Every morning gives you a fresh morning to connect with the woman of your dreams.

Whether you go for a simple, good morning sweetheart or a more cheesy, Even the birds are ready for you to wake up, the right message can make all the difference in starting someone’s day on a good note.

So, don’t hesitate! Take advantage of the power of the proper good morning, and you’ll see how your special and wonderful woman feels appreciated!