How to Know If a Girl Likes You but Is Hiding It? 29 Signs She Secretly Likes You

What are the key signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it? Does her personality change? Do her friends give it away? Does she act differently around you than with other people?

In other words, what should you be looking for during your interactions together? And if you do suspect she likes you, what should you do next? 

Attraction doesn’t need to be an impossible mystery, and it doesn’t need to be overly stressful or complicated. Understanding the main signs can help you recognize what’s going on.

And once you know what’s happening, you may feel more empowered to make the next move. Let’s learn how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it. 

How do you know if a girl is interested when she’s hiding her feelings? Sometimes, it can look confusing, especially if you’ve been friend-zoned in the past. In addition, if you two are getting to know each other, asking her outright may be awkward and unnecessary. 

Instead, here are some common signs she’s interested in. If she displays many of these signs, there’s a good chance she’s crushing hard! 

#1 She’s Extremely Interested In Your Life


Does she know your favorite takeout order by heart? Does she quote your favorite movie, even if you don’t remember telling her the name? 

When we like people, we take a vested interest in their lives. Having things to talk about is important, so if a girl likes you, she will want to know the details of your daily routine. That means she will ask you plenty of questions about your work, interests, relationships, and values. 

Best of all? She will actually care about your answers and take them to heart. She may even start pursuing some of those specific interests or hobbies herself.

#2 She Opens up to You

People don’t confide in others randomly. Instead, they vet to ensure someone is safe and trustworthy before opening up. This is especially true if someone has been betrayed in the past. 

So, if she frequently tells you personal details about her life, that’s a good sign. It means she trusts you and values your feedback. She also feels safe with you and doesn’t worry about being judged.

#3 She Complains About Dating or Her Current Relationship 

Is she in a relationship with someone else but flirting with you? And how does she speak about her partner or the dynamic they share? 

If she vents to you or complains frequently, she values your feedback and trusts that you will listen. But it could also mean that she’s gauging your interest to see if there’s potential for a relationship with you. This is especially true if she’s in a relationship but still flirting.

As her friend, it’s probably not the best idea to convince her to end things with someone else. She needs to make that significant decision when she’s ready. Furthermore, pressuring her can be off-putting, resulting in excess tension between you. 

But letting her know that you support her and believe she deserves the best sends a strong signal that you’re available for her when the time is right.

#4 She Introduces You to Friends and Family


When someone is interested in you, they want you to know more about their inner world. Relationships are a crucial part of these inner worlds. At the same time, they also want to see what their support system thinks of you.

According to Sam Whittaker, editor-in-chief at Mantelligence, “Showing you off to the people they value the most says something about their commitment to you.

Once you’ve been introduced to their circle, that makes it official. You’ll also know they like you once you hear how they introduce you to their loved ones. They will rave about your accomplishments and speak about what they’ve learned about you.”

So, if she’s bringing you around to friends or family, that’s a good sign! Chances are, they have their suspicions, and she’ll probably welcome those suspicions with open arms! 

#5 She Is Physically Affectionate 

We tend to touch people more when we like them. Some types of touch, like big hugs, are obvious. Others are more discreet. For example, she might rest her head on your shoulder when she gets tired. Or, she may touch your arm playfully if you’re bantering. 

You might overlook these actions as “just being friendly,” but don’t dismiss them altogether. Research shows that touch is one of the most compelling signs of flirting

If she is touching you more often than usual, this behavior is one of those clear signs she is secretly attracted to you. She wants to be physically close to you. She likes your comfort and wants more of it. 

#6 She Laughs At Your Jokes 


Whether you’re funny or not, an interested girl will think you’re hysterical. She will readily laugh at your jokes and make you feel like you’re the most entertaining guy in the room.

Research on laughter while flirting confirms this theory. In general, women laugh more than men across the board. But the amount of female laughter closely correlates with how attracted she feels to a man. Subsequently, that laughter can make a man feel more attracted to her! 

In addition, during the initial stages of courtship, a man’s humor tends to be fundamental in drawing in a woman’s attention. So, if she’s always cracking up around you, it may not just mean she finds you funny. Instead, it could suggest she’s seriously interested in you as a person!

#7 She Seems Jealous Around Other Girls

Is she wary around your other friends? If you have a girlfriend, does she seem annoyed by her? Does she want to know about your previous relationships?

Her jealousy is one of the main signs she’s interested in you. It means that she feels threatened by the other women in your life. She wants to be the most important and worries about the competition. 

Some jealousy, of course, may feel flattering to you. But if it feels excessive- or if she’s downright demeaning your friends- that could pose a serious red flag. Healthy relationships inherently require a sense of trust. If she can’t respect her other friends, this attitude may cause problems later down the road. 

#8 She Tries to Make You Jealous 

Just like she might feel jealous of other women in your life, she may try to trigger your jealousy in return.

How do you know if she’s intentionally trying to make you jealous? First, she might start talking more about men and the male attention she receives. In addition, she may flirt with other men in your presence (but she might keep looking back at you to see how you respond). Finally, she may act like she has plenty of potential romantic options.

Keep in mind that a platonic friend wouldn’t bother stirring jealousy. But a girl who likes you and is hiding it might! She wants to gauge if you’re interested and available!

#9 She Gives You Her Undivided Attention

How to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it? Think about how you communicate. When you talk, she listens to you attentively. She doesn’t text, scroll through social media, or focus on others in the room. She seems solely dedicated to you.

As you probably know, giving someone undivided attention isn’t necessarily easy. In a world of distractions, focusing on one person at a time can be challenging. However, her effort means she cares deeply about you and your feelings. She respects what you have to say and wants you to know it. 

Pay attention to how she is in group settings. Does she give everyone else her undivided attention? Or does it seem more one-sided where she’s more engaged with you? If it’s the latter, it probably means she’s into you! 

#10 She Dresses Differently Around You

Whether you notice more makeup or nicer clothing, or even a different hairstyle, if a girl likes you, she will want to impress you. Sometimes, these changes are unconscious- she may not even realize she’s doing it.

But pay attention to how she presents herself in group dynamics instead of when you spend time together one-on-one. If she puts more effort into her appearance, it means she wants you to notice! 

#11 She Has Open Body Language

Sonya Schwartz states, “One of the signs of attraction is open body language. A person’s body language can tell you a lot about what that person feels for you.”

Schwartz says, “When a person shows open body language, this can signify that they are interested in you. When someone attempts to touch your hand, is faced towards you, makes eye contact, or is leaning their body toward you, these are some of the body language cues that show a person is attracted to you.”

Pay attention to those subtle clues that she’s inching closer to you. It could mean she’s subtly trying to show you that she’s interested! 

#12 She Compliments You Often


Maybe she noticed your new shirt and said how nice it looked on you. Perhaps she praised you for how great a job you did at work. Remember that friends often complement each other, but if a girl likes you, she will probably go out of her way to make you feel special.

Some preliminary research suggests that women give and receive compliments far more frequently than men. If you’re a man, you probably know this well. When was the last time someone genuinely gushed over you? Yet, chances are, you’ve seen a woman gush over a complete stranger!

The bottom line? Compliments are a positive thing! It means she pays attention to you and likes how you carry yourself. Furthermore, she wants you to know she likes what she sees! 

#13 She Praises You in Front of Others

Complimenting you privately is one thing. But if she makes a big deal out of praising you in front of your friends, that’s an even bigger sign that she’s interested. She wants to make you feel adored, and she wants others to know just how awesome she thinks you are!

So, don’t brush this action off the next time it happens. If she’s trying to prove to others how awesome you are, it means she thinks you’re awesome- and she probably wants to be with you! 

#14 She Wants To Hang Out Alone

Platonic friends often enjoy hanging out in group settings. Sometimes, they value hanging out one-on-one, but it isn’t necessarily required.

But if a girl genuinely likes you, she will want as much alone time as possible. She knows this time allows her to really get to know you and vice versa. 

Remember that her requests to spend time alone may be direct or indirect. For example, she might directly ask if you want to grab a coffee or have dinner together. But an indirect request may include her calling you to help if she has a flat tire or needs help studying for a difficult exam. She might not outright say she wants that alone time, but she’ll make frequent attempts for it to happen! 

#15 She Seems Nervous Around You

Not everyone feels comfortable expressing how they feel around others. The fear of rejection or judgment may prevent people from being as vulnerable as they want.

According to Shagoon Maurya, a counseling psychologist, “Some people conceal their feelings because they are scared of getting hurt. They hide their attraction because they fear the response they will get. Sometimes, people can be shy to show their real emotions. Other people may not be too ‘expressive.’ Sometimes people can’t wait for the person in front to show their emotions before they show theirs.”

Blushing is another sign that could indicate she’s interested in you. Rachel Sommer, Ph.D. and clinical sexologist, says, “Constant blushing is an involuntary emotional response that could mean that a person is attracted to you. The rush of adrenaline and excitement sends an honest emotion.” She also points that tonal voice changes may happen. While men might deepen their voice to showcase dominance, women might use a high-pitched voice. 

#16 She Engages With You On Social Media

We spend nearly 2.5 hours on social media apps each day. So whether she posts a picture of you on Facebook or tags you in a funny meme on Instagram, online engagement is a positive sign that she likes you.

It means you’re on her mind as she’s scrolling through the day’s content.

#17 She Makes Lots of Eye Contact (Or None At All)


Eye contact is one of the most critical factors when examining nonverbal communication. But as you know, eye contact can be vulnerable and uncomfortable! 

Therefore, if she’s into you, two things may happen. First, she may display strong and intense eye contact. This means she is closely listening and feels connected with you. 

On the other hand, she might avoid eye contact and divert her gaze during important conversations. If that’s the case, it could signify that she feels nervous or uncomfortable around you. That could also be a positive sign- nervousness is one of the key signs that someone has romantic feelings for another person!  

#18 She Teases You Often

Teasing is a fundamental part of flirting; both men and women do it when they feel attracted to someone. It’s a sign of affection, and it often builds sexual chemistry.

With that in mind, the teasing should be playful and lighthearted. Criticizing you or attacking you under the guise of sarcasm can be a form of manipulative gaslighting. If she’s behaving that way before the relationship even begins, you risk having some serious trouble on your hands.


#19 She Helps You Before You Ask

If a girl is interested in you, she wants to make herself available for support and guidance. Men, in general, can be more private about their problems. But if she’s paying close attention to you, she may intuitively know when you need help- and she’ll try to improve things as best she can.

Remember that help may not be in the form of practical solutions. Women are used to helping others by connecting, empathizing, and validating feelings. So, while she may not have a direct answer for what you should do, she’s there for emotional support. She’s also there if you need to vent.

#20 She Listens Well


As you probably know, listening isn’t the easiest skill. Genuine active listening requires mindfulness, concentration, and empathy. In addition, when someone actively listens, they listen to understand and support the other person.

Do you feel safe coming to her with your feelings? Do you feel like she gets it even when you haven’t fully explained yourself? Do you feel like you’re unconditionally accepted, no matter the circumstances?

If you answered yes to the following questions, it means that she cares about you and wants you to feel understood. While good friends offer that to one another, a girl who’s interested in you will make an exceptional effort to ensure that she listens to you as closely as possible. 

#21 She Loves Making You Laugh

As mentioned, an interested girl will ensure she laughs at your jokes. But don’t be surprised if she cracks her own as well! 

When flirting, girls often also use humor to attract men. For example, they may be sarcastic or silly to draw your interest. 

#22 She Gives You Small Gifts

Did she bring back a souvenir on her last vacation? Did she buy you your favorite candy “just because?” These tokens of appreciation may indicate a good friendship, but they could suggest something more serious!

If a girl likes you, she wants to take extra steps to show you that she appreciates you. We all know the benefits of receiving a special gift. So, if she goes out of her way to surprise you, it means she’s trying to impress you!

#23 She Has Inside Jokes With You 

As mentioned, humor is a powerful part of a relationship. It’s connective and lighthearted and can create a new meaning to how you relate to one another.

Inside jokes are especially important. These jokes are private and understood only between the two of you. That means you’re developing a new world removed from other people. That creates an inherent sense of intimacy, meaning she sees you as special!

#24 She Offers Too Much Information About Other Men 

Let’s say she’s in a committed relationship with someone else. If you know everything about this other guy, that probably means she’s trying to get your reaction! After all, if she were overly content in her relationship, she wouldn’t feel the need to spill all the details. 

The same can be said if she’s out-dating. If she candidly talks to you about having sex with other men or the nuances of where they went on a date, take a moment to reflect. Why would she be divulging this information?

For one, she might be trying to make you jealous. But even more than that, she might want you to know that she’s not having a good time- and that she’s secretly hoping you can change that!

#25 She Had Sex With You (And Keeps Wanting Deeper Connection)

Maybe you two had a one-night stand in the past. Or, perhaps, you two were hooking up, but it was “nothing serious”- or so you thought! 

That said, if she keeps hanging around and making excuses to spend time with you, it likely means she’s interested in more than just sex! 

If a girl truly likes you, she wants more than just a physical connection. She wants emotional intimacy and commitment. You have to be paying close attention! 

#26 She Sometimes Plays Hard to Get


Flirting can be a sneaky game, and playing hard to get is one way people seek attention from someone else. If she plays confusing games with you, it could mean that she likes feeling in control and wants you to chase her. It could also mean that she’s been hurt in the past and hopes to repeat future pain. 

She might play hard to get by, taking a while to respond to your texts (even when you know she’s home and probably on her phone).

But, on the other hand, she might also change her tactics quickly. For example, she’ll be flirting and bold with you one moment. The next, she might seem more aloof and detached. These shifts keep you on your toes, and she’s banking that it works to draw you in closer!

#27 She Remembers the Small Details 

She knows your boss’s name and asks about your dog after his vet appointment. She remembers when you’re up for a significant promotion and checks in after you expressed having a rough fight with your brother.

If a girl remembers small details (especially if you’ve only told her something once), she’s paying close attention to her life. After all, if she didn’t care, she probably wouldn’t remember!

#28 She Talks About Loving You

Ugh, I just love you so much! I love having you in my life! I love being so close to you. 

Love is a strong word; most friends of the opposite sex won’t throw it around lightly. However, we often express ourselves through indirect language, so even if she isn’t blatantly saying, I love you, she might be hinting at the message in your daily interactions.

#29 She Mirrors You 


The act of mirroring signals trust and favorability. When we like someone, we subconsciously mirror their speech, facial expressions, and other nonverbal body cues. 

For example, has she started saying common words or phrases you typically use? Does she look to see how you order your lunch to replicate a similar order? If you start speaking slowly and quietly, does she seemingly adapt her speech to copy yours?

If so, these behaviors likely mean she’s interested in you! And if you like her, there’s a good chance you’re also mirroring her actions (whether you realize it or not!).