20+ Flirty Comebacks to “Make Me”

Need some flirty comebacks to make me? This article has you covered. We’ve compiled over 20 best ways to respond to “make me” to lead the conversation in your chosen direction.

“Make me” is probably one of the most confusing—and potentially infuriating—responses you can get from another person.

It immediately sounds confrontational, and you can feel like they’re ridiculing, second-guessing, or flat-out insulting you. It can be especially hurtful from a friend or family member.

Meanwhile, savvier conversationalists know that “make me” isn’t always challenging. Sometimes, it’s a test to see how skilled you are at interacting with people. Other times, it’s an invitation to take the conversation to flirtier, more romantic grounds.

My advice? If you like the other person and want to go further with them, try one of the responses in this article.

How to Respond to “Make Me”

To know how to respond whenever another person tells you “make me,” decide quickly:

  • Do you want to end the conversation? Then say something like, “Never mind, then,” or “Okay, let’s forget it,” and then go your separate ways.
  • Do you want to continue the conversation, but not in a flirty way? Laugh and say, “Come on, what’s the catch?” This is probably the most appropriate way to respond to a friend or family member.
  • Do you want to move the interaction in a flirtier direction? Then pick one of the following responses and see what happens.”

20+ Flirty Comebacks to “Make Me”

I suggest you read through all these flirty comebacks to get a good idea of your options.

That way, the next time someone you like tells you “make me,” you’ll know which ones will get you the desired result.


#1: “Sure, I’d love to!”

Say this suggestively and with a knowing look, and see how the other person reacts. If they look like they got the message, you’ve found gold.

#2: “And once I’ve made you, what else would you like me to do with you?”

Likewise, this is an invitation to make the conversation naughtier. If the other person reacts negatively to it, you might want to keep things civil.

#3: “Sure. I’m good at making people do things.”

If the other person takes back their challenge, then they weren’t being flirty. If they don’t, then the game is on.


#4: “Oh, I can think of a few ways to make you…”

This is a playful way to say that you have naughty thoughts about them. If they blush or look away, you know they understand what you’re hinting at.

#5: “Oh, I could definitely make you do that.”

This is another funny and witty response that suggests you’re up for anything. If the other person gets flustered, they’re definitely interested in you.

#6: “Make you what? Smile? Laugh? Be likable? Trust me, you’re doing fine right now.”

This is a great way to flatter someone while still keeping the “make me” challenge alive.

#7: “Try me. I think you might like it.”

This is a flirty way of saying you’re up for anything. If they take back their challenge (e.g., they say, “Um, never mind,”), then they weren’t flirting with you.


#8: “If I were there, I would.”

If you’re unfortunate enough to be communicating over a distance, this reply will have to do. Who knows? It might set up a date the next time you meet face-to-face.

#9: “Are you sure? You might not want me to.”

This is a good response for when you want to flip the challenge back to the other person. See how they react. If they respond with a message like “Try me,” they’re definitely game for anything.

#10: “I don’t know, we’re such good friends. I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

With this one, you’re implying that “making them” might bring your relationship to the next level and that you’re not sure you want to. It’ll be fun to see how they’ll react to this.

#11: “Okay then, I’m coming over now.”

If the other person is somewhere home—like in their home or a hotel room—say this and see how they react.


#12: “Okay, come over and watch me make you.”

This is a great flirty comeback if you’re currently near each other. It might even lead to an impromptu date!

#13: “Oh, I can think of a few ways to make you…”

This is another way to let them know you’re thinking of them in a naughty way. If they blush or look away, you can be sure they like you, too. If you get a negative reaction—maybe not.

#14: “Okay, I will. I hope you’re ready for this.”

You’re turning the tables and putting pressure on them with this one. They probably weren’t flirting with you if they take their challenge back.


#15: “Are you sure? You might like it too much.”

The sexual undertone in this response is thinly veiled, so it’s best said in private instead of within earshot of others. However, you might give their shoulder a playful punch to break the tension a little.

#16: “Haha, you’d probably like that, wouldn’t you?”

Likewise, this sounds too much like a pick up line, so it’s best said when there’s no one else around. If the other person gives you a knowing look, you’ll know you’re probably their favorite person.


#17: “Oh, I thought you’d never ask.”

This playful comeback sounds like you’re accepting their challenge and expressing your excitement to “make them.” You win whether they take their challenge back or react positively to you.

#18: “Do you really want to go there, though?”

You’re implying that “making them” do what you want will take your relationship to uncharted ground. If they’re up for it, they’ll (quietly) let you know.


#19: “Any suggestions on how? What were you thinking?”

You’re putting the ball in their court with a reply like this. You’re allowing them to tell you exactly what they want you to do. Playfully ask this, and you might like the other person’s response.

#20: “Okay then. I’ll be gentle.”

Another good response with a sexual undertone, this can make the other person take back their offer—or look forward to what they got coming from you.

#21: “If that’s what you really want, just ask nicely.”

If the response you get is anywhere like “Please make me,” then you’re in for a good time.

#22: “Okay, let’s go somewhere we can concentrate.”

This play flirt response says, “Let’s get out of here so I can make you do what I want.” It’s a bit aggressive, so don’t be surprised if they back down. Meanwhile, if they take you up on the offer, congratulations.

And there you have it—20+ flirty comebacks to “make me.” By now, you should know when to use these replies and when not to use them. Now, the next time it happens with someone you like, you know exactly what to say.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s answer a few common questions about today’s topic:

Q: What to say when she says make me?

When a girl says “make me,” she’s flirting with you and challenging you to make her do something. You can turn the tables on her by flirting and making her do what you want. Any of the 20+ witty comebacks in this article will do perfectly.

Q: How do u flirt with a guy?

There are many ways to flirt with a guy, but flirty comebacks like the ones in this article will catch his attention. You can flip the script and tell him, “Make me,” and then see if he reacts in any of the above ways.

What if he doesn’t flirt back? Then it’s likely the person lacks intelligence about women, or he’s not interested in you that way. Either way, you’ll be better off not pushing the issue.

Q: How do you respond to shut up?

“Shut up” is almost always seen as a rude way to make someone be quiet, although it can also be used as a flirty invitation, much like “Make me.”

A flirty response to “shut up” would be, “I’ll shut up if you give me a kiss.” This sends the message that you’re interested in him and want him to make a move.

Of course, if it wasn’t a playful “shut up” and was instead a rude one, it’s best not to respond—it won’t end well, even if you try to have a civilized conversation with them. This is doubly important when talking to a friend or family member.

And there you have it! The next time someone tells you, “make me,” use one of these flirty responses to keep the conversation going. Who knows where it might lead?