18 Good Excuses To Leave The House

What are some good excuses to leave the house when you live with your parents?

Some of the best excuses include you are studying for an exam, collecting your purse/wallet, or giving your friend something.

Strict parents can get in the way when you’re a teenager and want to have fun. They have so many rules and regulations that sometimes you feel like you’re living in a prison.

They are undoubtedly doing it for your benefit, but there are days when you want to let your hair down.

All work and no play make for a boring life. If you want to outsmart your parents and get out of the house, here are fifteen good excuses to buy you time to paint the town red. 

8 Excuses To Leave The House If You Have Strict Parents

When you’ve made plans with your friends, but you know your parents aren’t going to let you out of the house, this is what you tell them.

If you are studying for an exam, you must collect your purse/wallet or give your friend something.

Keep reading for eight of the best excuses to leave the house if you have strict parents. 

#1 You Are Studying For An Exam

One of the reasons your parents are so strict is they want you to get a good education. So when you tell them you need to go to the library with friends to study, there’s no way they’ll deny your request.

When they ask what exams, say the end-of-year ones, even if they are at the beginning.

Tell them you’re struggling with the module and you’re preparing early to ensure you don’t fail.

Ensure you don’t miss an exam because they could call the school and check.

Also, please don’t say you’re going to a friend’s house to study because they’ll most likely want to know who it is and ask you for your friend’s address and phone number. To avoid this, say you’re going to the library. 

#2 You Need To Collect Your Purse/Wallet

Give your purse/wallet to the friend you’re meeting up with and tell them to hold onto it.

When you get home, put on an act about losing your purse/wallet and search the house from top to bottom.

Act as if it’s really important because you put some notes in it that you need to complete your homework for the following day.

Arrange it so your friend calls you partway through your search and explains that they have your purse/wallet.

Then tell your parents you need to go and get it because your friend doesn’t drive. When you leave the house, call your parents to buy additional time and tell them you’re stuck in traffic. 

#3 You Need To Give Your Friend Something

For this one, have your friend give you their purse/wallet. Go home as usual and get on with the evening. Get your friend to call and ask whether you’ve got their purse/wallet.

It will make the story more believable if you’re near your parents when the call comes in. Look through your bag and pull it out, and then tell them you need to go and give it to your friend because it’s got their door key in it, and they don’t drive.

Again, to buy some time, call your parents when you’re part way there and say you’re stuck in traffic. 

#4 You’ve Got A Doctor’s Appointment

If you’ve got a good track record with your parents and they’ve never caught you in a lie before, you can use the doctor’s appointment excuse without going the extra mile to make it look legitimate.

But you’ll need to pretend as if something’s wrong with you a couple of days beforehand to make it more believable. Complain of continuous headaches and say you’ll make an appointment with the doctor.

If your parents want to see an appointment letter because they don’t trust you, you may need to fake one. It won’t be hard to replicate a doctor’s note in this technology-driven era. As concerned parents, they will ask what the doctor said when you get back.

Since you won’t have any medication as evidence, tell them the doctors ran some tests and said you were dehydrated and need to drink more water. 

#5 You’re Covering Someone’s Shift

Again, preplanning is required for this one. Tell your parents you want to buy something like a computer game or some expensive make-up so you’ll take extra shifts at work.

On the day you need to go out, tell your parents you’re covering someone’s shift, so you’ll be back late. They won’t stop you, especially since you’re trying to be reliable and not dependent on them for everything. 

#6 Volunteering At A Charity Shop

If you don’t have a weekend job, you can tell your parents you’ve decided to become a good Samaritan and volunteer at a charity shop. At charity shops, volunteers typically spend the day arranging donations.

So if your parents ask, that’s what you do all day. Also, don’t go over the top with this one and say you’re volunteering on Saturday and Sunday. Even all-day Saturday is pushing it.

Just say you’re volunteering for half a day. Because as proud as your strict parents will be for being such a kind soul and offering your services to help those less fortunate, they won’t want you sacrificing your studies. 

#7 You’re Going To Church

This excuse will only work if you don’t come from a religious family who already attends church on Sundays. It’s also important to mention that religion is a touchy subject for some people, and if your parents are not keen on religion, this might not be a good excuse for you.

However, if they’re liberal and don’t mind what you believe in, you can tell them that a friend has invited you to church and you’d like to go and see what it’s all about.

After your first service, tell your parents how much you enjoyed it and want to continue going. This will be the perfect excuse to leave the house and see your friends every Sunday.

After a few weeks, you can say you’ve decided to join the choir, and they’ve got practice every Wednesday night, now you can see your friends twice a week! 

#8 You’re Going Shopping For Books

Tell your parents you’re working on a new project and you must buy some books to help you. If they ask why you can’t get the books from your local library, tell them they’re unique edition books unavailable in libraries.

Now, since your excuse is that you’re going book shopping, you’ll need to go out and buy some books. So that you don’t break the bank, go to a charity or second-hand book store and buy some books on an obscure topic.

They will only cost you a couple of dollars. Additionally, you may need to read about the subject in case your parents ask you about the project. 

5 Excuses To Leave The House At Night And Go Out With Friends

Parents don’t like their teenagers going out late at night, not because they don’t trust their kids but because there are so many crazies out there.

So excuses like you have a babysitting job, you’re going for a run, or your friend needs to talk will help put their mind at ease. 

#1 You Have A Baby Sitting Job

Since you probably don’t have a real babysitting job, you’ll need to say you’re babysitting for a friend’s younger sibling. This is risky because your parents might ask to speak to your friend’s parents.

So I wouldn’t try and pull this off unless your friends have cool parents who will lie for you. Maybe you’ve got a friend whose mom and dad think your parents are too strict and feel sorry for you. If so, get them to help you. 

#2 You’re Going To Look For The Cat

This excuse will only work if you’ve got a cat, but wherever you go, you’ll need to take the cat with you. Since cats can’t talk, it won’t be able to rat you out.

Prepare in advance by putting the cat basket in your car. This will work perfectly when it’s your turn to take out the trash. As you’re leaving, beckon the cat to follow you with a treat in your hand.

Once you’ve dumped the trash, get into your car with the cat treats so the cat follows, and then lock the cat in the basket. The cat will be too busy eating its treats to be concerned about anything else. Roll the car window down a bit, so a passerby doesn’t accuse you of animal cruelty.

When you return, wait a few minutes and look for the cat. Once you’ve checked all the usual hiding places and realize the cat isn’t in the house, suggest that it probably sneaked out when you went to take the trash out.

Offer to go and look for the cat and have your friend meet you around the corner. You can spend a couple of hours together before returning home with the cat in your arms. 

#3 Your Friend Needs To Talk

Tell your parents your friend is having terrible issues at home, and they must speak to you. Your parents might challenge this by asking why you can’t speak to your school friend.

You will respond that your friend doesn’t want the whole world to know their business, so they want to go for a drive to talk about it.

To make it more believable, have the friend you’re going out with knock for you with red eyes, looking depressed. Your parents will feel too bad to say no. 

#4 You’re Going To The Movies

Since you’re not going to the movies, you’ll need to find out as much about the movie you’re telling your parents you’re going to watch because they might ask you about it, and giving generic answers will make it obvious you’re lying.

This is especially true if you’ve siblings because they’ll ask you way more questions than your parents. Buying popcorn at the movie theatre can make the excuse more believable.

Eat half and take the rest home. Your brothers and sisters will be too busy stuffing their faces to ask you any questions. 

#5 Early Airport Run 

Tell your parents a friend has offered to pay you to drive them to the airport in the morning. Say the flight is at 5 am, so you must stay at your buddies’ house to ensure they arrive on time.

This is a great excuse to go to an all-night party. Just make sure you have a shower, wash your hair, and change your clothes before going home so that you don’t smell like you’ve been out all night. 

5 Excuses To Leave The House To See Your Lover

Since your parents are so strict, they probably don’t know you’ve got a partner, and for your relationship to work, you need to see your significant other often.

Telling your parents you’re going for a run, going to the gym, or having sports practice will ensure you can get out of the house often to see your lover. 

#1 Going For A Run

About two weeks before your night out, tell your parents you need to get into shape and that you’ll go for long jogs three times a week.

Get your lover to meet you around the corner from your house, and you can go out and do whatever.

Your strict parents probably don’t know you’ve got a lover, so this is a great way to see them often without making up different excuses. 

#2 Going To The Gym

Do some research on a gym a few miles away from your house and tell your parents you’ll be working out with a friend a couple of times a week.

To ensure your mom or dad doesn’t randomly stop by the gym when you say you’re going to be there, make sure it’s not your local one. They will not waste their time driving out of town to watch you work out.

When they ask why you must travel so far, say your friend works there as a personal trainer, and they’re willing to help you train. If you don’t have any gym gear, you’ll need to go out and buy some to make this more believable. 

#3 You’ve Got Sports Practice

Tell your parents your friend has assembled a school basketball team for those who didn’t cut. You’ll be playing games against each other for fun so you can practice and hopefully make it onto the team next year.

If you’re worried your parents won’t buy this one because you’re not sporty, tell them you’ve agreed to be the referee. 

#4 You’re Helping Your Friend Move

The scenario is that your friend will live with their dad because their parents are getting divorced. Your friend can’t afford a removal van, so they’re paying you to make a few trips across town to move their stuff.

This job will take a while, so you can either spread it over a couple of days or if you want to spend the whole day with your lover, you can say the job is on the weekend.

When you return home, look tired and disheveled, like you’ve been doing some heavy lifting. 

#5 You’re Working Extra Hours

Most teenagers have a job and want nice stuff that their parents can’t afford to buy them. So this is your perfect opportunity to leave the house several nights a week.

Tell your parents you’re saving for something expensive like a new laptop, and so you’re taking extra shifts at work.

However, you will need to make sure you’re saving for a laptop because, within a few months, you can rest assured you’re parents will ask where the computer is.