Does She Like Me More Than a Friend? 35 Signs She Does!

Is she just a really good friend? Or is there something more to the story? Does she have romantic feelings for you? Or are you just close companions, and that’s that?

If you have a close female friend, it’s normal to start wondering if she secretly likes you. This uncertainty may keep affecting you if you have feelings for her and are worried you might be stuck in the dreaded friend zone. At the same time, you don’t want to make things awkward or uncomfortable. You also don’t want to ruin a great friendship. 

If you keep questioning her motives and continue asking yourself, does she like me more than a friend, it’s time that you know the key signs. Her subtle cues, body language, ways she talks, and how she opts to spend time with you can be very telling. 

35 Clear Signs a Girl Likes You More Than a Friend

Knowing if a girl likes you may not always be obvious. Some people are very protective of their feelings and might worry about rejection.

In addition, if she’s in a relationship (or if you’re in one) with someone else, she might want to avoid making things uncomfortable. 

However, here are some key signs a female friend has feelings for you. The more signs you notice, the greater the chance she likes you more than just a friend! 


#1 She Compliments You 

When you wear a new t-shirt, she immediately notices and tells you how great it looks. She sends you texts telling you how much she appreciates you.

Then, she brags about you in front of others. She makes even small successes seem like massive victories.

Sure, we compliment our friends, but we definitely compliment people we feel attracted to. So if she always praises you, that’s a good sign!

#2 She Is Vulnerable With You

She finds you safe and trustworthy and has no problem telling you her secrets. She doesn’t shy away from what’s happening in her life, even if embarrassed or ashamed.

Good friends are honest with one another. But if a girl likes you, she won’t spare any details. She trusts you and looks forward to your validation and feedback. That’s an excellent sign!

#3 She Likes Touching You 


She makes excuses to hug you often. She touches your arm or sits close to you when you’re together. She may even kiss your cheek or playfully slap you when you’re arguing.

Physical affection can be a clear sign that she likes you. She is probably subconsciously testing the waters when she touches you to see if the feelings are mutual.

#4 She Mirrors Your Actions

According to Karen Caffrey, LPC, JD, we reflect on various emotional pictures or reflections of ourselves. Mirroring refers to a subtle act of copying or mimicking, and it’s often entirely subconscious.

Does your friend say certain phrases that you often use? Does she wait to order a drink because she wants to see what you order first?

Have you ever noticed her cross her legs right after you do? Mirroring indicates a strong sense of attraction, so don’t negate these slight actions when you pick up on them!

#5 She Asks Lots of Questions About Your Life


Friends tend to be curious about one another, but crushes take this curiosity up a notch.

One of the signs a female friend likes you more than a friend is that she’s overly interested in your life. Even the most mundane details spark her curiosity and excitement. 

#6 She Flirts When Texting You

Maybe she seems like a “normal friend” when you two are together, but it’s a different story when she texts you.

For instance, she might be bolder or racier and use suggestive emojis. In addition, she might say things she wouldn’t ordinarily say in person.

Flirting via text often feels safer than doing it outright. She may rely on her phone to get the point across if she’s shy or uncomfortable around you!


#7 She Vents to You About Her Boyfriend

Does it seem like she’s always annoyed with her boyfriend? Does she confide in you about the problems in their relationship? Does she make frequent comments about wanting to end things?

If so, it could mean a few things. First, she might be trying to gauge your reaction to see if you get jealous or protective (which means she’s interested!).

But it could also mean that she is trying to test how interested you might be in pursuing a relationship with her.

#8 She Has Open Body Language

Does it seem like she always wants to be near you? Are her feet pointed towards you when you two talk? Does she exude a sense of warmth and connection?

People show open body language when they are interested in someone else. For example, she might lean her body closer to yours or subtly attempt physical affection. These signs show that she likes you!

#9 She Seems Jealous of Other Girls

Her jealousy of other girls may suggest she doesn’t want to share with you. It could also mean that she feels threatened by others. She might be insecure that you don’t like her and are into someone else. 


#10 She Brags About You to Others

Does she make it seem like you’re the most fantastic guy in the room? Does her praise- at times- even feel a bit over-the-top or uncomfortable?

Her praising you in front of other people is a positive sign. It means she likes you and wants you to feel special and appreciated. She also wants others to see how awesome she thinks you are!

#11 You Two Have Lots of Inside Jokes

Humor is a connecting piece in most friendships. In addition, most girls report humor as an essential trait in romantic relationships.

So, if she likes you more than a friend, she will make a genuine effort to make inside jokes and reference them often. She likes having a secret world with you, and that’s a whole form of intimacy.


#12 She Makes Strong Eye Contact 

We tend to make good eye contact when we like someone. Her eye contact shows she’s interested in you. It reveals that she listens to what you say and is present and attuned to the current moment.

#13 She Avoids Eye Contact

Although this sign contradicts the previous sign, it’s still worth noting. We often avoid eye contact when we feel nervous or shy around someone. She may avert her gaze if she likes you because she feels embarrassed or ashamed.

#14 She Tells You She Loves You

Love is a powerful word, and her expressing it to you may be more literal than you assume.

If she often says phrases like, I love you so much, or, I am just totally in love with you, don’t dismiss it as mere friendliness or silly humor.

#15 She Always Smiles Around You


We smile more when we feel happy, so that’s undoubtedly a positive sign if she always smiles around you! It means she genuinely enjoys your company. 

Smiling can also be a sign of nervousness. But, as you probably know, being nervous around someone may also indicate attraction.

#16 She Laughs (Even When Your Jokes Are Bad)

According to Mary Schull, a licensed therapist, laughter is essential to a healthy relationship. Learning how to laugh at yourself (and laugh with others) is good for our emotional well-being. It helps us tap into our playful sides and creates a sense of intimacy. 

Many girls value humor in a relationship; if she likes you, she probably thinks you’re funny. She may even believe you are much more amusing than you really are.

That mindset explains why she cracks up at your jokes- even when you’re corny.

#17 She Texts You Right Before Bed (Or Right When She Wakes Up)

One of the signs that she wants to be more than friends is that she “pushes” the etiquette when it comes to standard lines of communication. 

For example, she will text you in the middle of the night when she has difficulty sleeping. Or, she’ll text you to share her funny dream when she wakes up.

Either way, it means you’re on her mind at those vulnerable hours, and that’s a positive sign. 

#18 She Doesn’t Like Your Girlfriend

What if you’re in a relationship? If your best friend secretly likes you, she certainly won’t like your partner.

Sometimes, her disapproval will be obvious. For example, she might outright list the traits she dislikes or tell you she believes you deserve better. 

Other times, the signs will be more covert. For example, she may be extra comforting after you disclose having a rough fight with your girlfriend.

Or, she might point out how “odd” it is that your girlfriend doesn’t like a specific activity she knows you love.

#19 She Posts Pictures With You 

People use social media to connect with others, but they also use it as a way to curate an image about themselves. That’s why people are so selective about what they do (and don’t) post. 

So if she posts pictures with you, it means she’s proud to have you in her life. It also may mean that she’s hoping people inquire or even make assumptions about your relationship status! 


#20 She Values Your Advice

Does your friend come to you when she feels stuck or scared? Does she ask you for your input on specific situations? And does she actually integrate the feedback you provide?

If yes, that means that she probably sees you as more than just a friend. She sees you as a trusted, safe confidante who can hold her secrets.

That is the essence of intimacy, which often causes attraction in the first place.

#21 She Invites You to Everything

Whether it’s going to a birthday party, wedding, or the movies, she wants companionship and you to be the companion. So if she likes you to be her plus one, that probably means she likes you!

#22 Her Friends Make Positive Comments About You Two Together

Do her friends insist that you two would make the cutest couple? Do they comment on how you need to ask her out or make the first move?

If so, she’s probably already told them that she likes you. She might even be enlisting them to nudge you in the right direction.

#23 She Wants You to Know Her Family


How do you know if a girl likes you more than a friend? She wants you to be part of her inner circle. That means she wants her family to know you and vice versa.

According to Maria Inoa, LCSW, family is a critical part of forming a relationship. It’s a big step and one that people take when they feel serious about someone else. 

Many people won’t bring significant others around until they’re officially dating. So, if she’s just your friend and introducing you to her mom and dad, that’s a clear sign.

After all, family is intimate, and most people won’t necessarily introduce friends to their family unless it’s necessary (or happens randomly). 

#24 She Seems to Want to Make You Jealous 

Does she often brag about male attention? Does it seem like she flirts more intentionally with others in your presence?

If so, she might be trying to stir your feelings of jealousy. After all, she knows that if you think she’s in high demand, you might be more inclined to be interested in her!

#25 She Always Looks Put-Together

Maybe she spends a little more time doing her makeup when she knows she will see you. Or she makes an effort to wear clothes that fit her body nicely. These efforts might be intentional, but she also may not even be aware of them. 

Either way, this sign will become more apparent as you pay attention to how she dresses in other settings. Is it much different when she’s around you? If so, she definitely wants you to notice!

#26 She Tries to Make You Feel Special 

Whether baking your favorite cookies or sending you a care package when you’re home sick, she continuously shows her appreciation for you.

Of course, good friends do this, but a girl who likes you will take it to the next level. After all, she wants you to be thinking about her!

#27 She Values Spending Alone Time With You

How do you know if a female friend likes you? She wants you all to herself! She might enjoy the time you spend together with mutual friends, but she will certainly push for more alone time.

Alone time allows her to really be herself around you. It also allows her to provide you with her undivided attention. 

Sometimes, her attempts to “push for this alone time” will be blatant. For example, she may invite you to watch a movie or go out to lunch.

She will call you other times if she needs a ride home for work. In other words, even if she doesn’t directly tell you she wants to spend quality time with you, she will make plenty of attempts to make it happen.

#28 She Blushes Around You


According to Alix Needham, an advanced hypnotherapist, blushing is a sign of nervousness. We often do it when we fear being judged, are anxious around others, or are simply uncomfortable in social settings. 

If she always blushes around you, it probably means she feels nervous! But, on the other hand, if she feels nervous, it means she wants your approval because she likes you!

#29 She Starts Trying Your Hobbies

If your friend likes you, she will be interested in your passions and interests. As a result, she might start picking up some of your hobbies.

She probably sees it as a way for you to talk about more- or to spend more time together.

Either way, it’s a fairly obvious sign that she likes you!

#30 She Never Seems Bored

Even if you don’t think you’re the most fascinating guy, she sure she does! She hangs on your every word and acts like she always has the best time when it’s the two of you.

This means she finds you interesting and wants to be part of your world!

#31 She Always Seeks Your Advice

Even if you don’t think you’re exceptionally gifted in offering feedback, she values what you have to say. Sometimes, she may even act as if your insight is entirely brilliant.

If your friend likes you, she will confront you with issues or fears. She will value your problem-solving skills and look forward to you helping her with her concerns. 

#32 She Listens Closely


Does she seem to remember everything you say? Does she give you her undivided attention during conversations?

Those are some signs of a good friend, but they may also indicate something more. When we are attracted to someone, we want to listen and understand them completely.

Therefore, we don’t distract ourselves or interrupt. So, if she always has time for you and seems genuinely interested in what you share, she probably likes you!

#33 She Gets Competitive Around Other Girls

If she likes you, she wants to prove herself and her worth to you. As a result, she may sometimes come across as highly vindictive or even arrogant around the potential competition. 

Usually, this competitiveness is unconscious. She probably doesn’t want to tear other women down. Instead, she just wants to ensure you see how great she is!


#34 She Asks You Personal Questions

She wants to know about the taboo things- your past, fears, and relationship with your family. She doesn’t mind asking you about your religion or values, and it’s because she genuinely wants to know where you stand on these topics.

Good friends tend to have some limits around one another. But if a girl likes you, she will probably want to push past those limits to trigger a new layer of intimacy.

#35 She Sometimes Sends Mixed Messages

According to Dr. Sheri Jacobson, Ph.D., our brains are sometimes wired to perceive all experiences as either a state of acceptance or rejection.

In other words, things can feel very black-and-white, and we might resist any possibility of potential rejection.

This fear can explain why a girl might inadvertently send you mixed messages, ignore you occasionally, or act strangely when confronted about her behavior.

For example, she may test the situation to see if you like her, too. Or, she might still be coming to terms with her attraction towards you.   

How Do You Know She Sees You ‘Just as a Friend?`

Now that you know the signs she likes you, how can you tell if she doesn’t like you?

First, she probably doesn’t have romantic feelings if she doesn’t exhibit any of the above signs.

In addition, if she only shows one or two of those signs (and they aren’t very consistent), it probably means she isn’t into you. 

Signs She Doesn’t Like You More Than a Friend:

So, how do you know if she sees you as just a friend? Here are some key signs.


#1 She Tries to Set You up With Other Girls

If she likes you, she doesn’t want any other competition. Even if she hasn’t clarified her intentions, she wants your attention. So if she introduces you to other girls or makes comments about how you should ask out someone else, she probably doesn’t like you romantically.

#2 She Frequently Turns Down Opportunities to Hang Out

When someone likes you, they will say yes to almost every chance to spend time together. This usually applies even if you have busy schedule. 

But if she’s always occupied and doesn’t seem interested in rescheduling, it probably means she isn’t interested in anything more.

#3 She Always Emphasizes That You’re Her Friend

If she makes lots of comments about your awesome friendship or how you’re her best friend, she’s reinforcing to herself, you (and everyone else) about your status. She’s making it very clear how she perceives you.

#4 She Forgets Small Details

She doesn’t remember your birthday, favorite color, or restaurant order. Even if you have been friends for many years and spend much time together, she may overlook those details if she isn’t interested.

#5 She Takes Forever to Respond

We are all busy, but if she never gets back to you promptly, she probably doesn’t prioritize the relationship. In addition, one-word answers are a tell-tale sign she doesn’t want to continue a conversation just for the sake of it.  

#6 She Always Brings Other Guys Around

If she always brings her boyfriend (or other guys) when you hang out, she wants to spend time with them. She may enjoy your friendship but isn’t considering taking things to the next level. Instead, she’s interested in how her love interest can connect with her friends.

#7 She Has Lots of Inappropriate Friendships

If she seemingly flirts with many people and has lots of close male friends, she probably crosses boundaries with others often. Therefore, it may mean she has inappropriate friendships, and there’s no way of knowing if you’re any different. Even if she likes you, she may continue with this troublesome behavior. 

She Likes You More Than a Friend, What’s Next?

Congrats! You are now certain (or fairly certain) that your friend has deeper feelings for you. So, what’s the next move?

It depends. First, you need to evaluate your own needs and wants. Do you have feelings for her? Do you want to be in a relationship right now? Spend some time reflecting on your priorities before making any rash decisions.

If either of you is in another relationship, cheating will only make things more complicated. Don’t subject yourselves to that problem. A good relationship requires a clean slate. If one or both of you aren’t ready to end things, you aren’t fully prepared to commit to one another. 

Some people worry that dating will “mess up” a friendship. This worry is valid because a messy breakup can affect how you two perceive each other. But many excellent relationships start as close friendships, and switching off those feelings isn’t as simple as people want.

If you decide to make the next move, remember that taking things slowly is often beneficial. Transitioning from a friendship into a romantic relationship may have some growing pains. You two may feel awkward or uncertain around each other. These fears may be even more prominent if you’re inexperienced with dating.

Remember that friendship is on your side. It’s your backbone. There’s a reason you two mesh together so well- it’s what created your connection in the first place!