Do Guys Cuddle With Just Any Girl?

What does it mean when the guy you’re interested in cuddles with you? Trying to find out if someone likes you isn’t always simple.

There can be a lot of mixed feelings and signs that come up. This is especially true if you’re hanging out with or sleeping with someone new. It can start to feel like he likes you when you are alone and cuddling, especially after becoming intimate.

However, you may also notice that he withdraws when you’re not around, or perhaps he never wants to get involved past physical intimacy. 

You may be left wondering, do guys cuddle with just any girl? The answer to this question depends on several factors. After all, every guy is different.

Some people view cuddling as no big deal. While other people may view cuddling as a way to express their romantic interests in someone and grow closer. So if you’re tired of being confused by him, then let’s explore what his cuddling really means. 

What Does Cuddling Mean to a Guy?


The answer to this question depends. Cuddling means something different to so many people. Let’s start with why cuddling feels so good to us.

Cuddling with another person releases oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel incredible inside. Generally speaking, cuddling is a feel-good action that leaves us feeling closer to the person we’re cuddling with. 

However, cuddling is not something you would think to do as just friends. So, what does it mean when a guy wants to cuddle with you? Let’s explore that and better understand what cuddling could mean to different types of guys. 

Does Cuddling Mean Anything To Guys?

Maybe it’s because of cultural values or men’s egos, but guys seldom seem to acknowledge that they enjoy cuddling.

It truly begs the question, “What does cuddling mean to a guy?” Do they cuddle because they enjoy it or does it mean nothing more to them than making a woman happy? 

That’s why this question does not have a single answer. Every guy is different. That means that cuddling will mean something different to different men. 

However, it might imply the following:

  • He considers you a good friend. Perhaps he sees you as a friend and considers what you’re doing as simply two friends cuddling. He may not see it as an intimate form of relating and may even cuddle with all his female- and perhaps even his male friends. 
  • He’s aroused and wants to touch you. He may be aroused and in the mood to become physically intimate with you. He may believe that snuggling would also make you aroused and make you feel safe to become more intimate. 
  • He’s a cuddly person. Some guys are not as complicated as we make them out to be. He could be a very physically affectionate person. 
  • He likes you and wants something serious with you. More often than not, cuddling for a guy means that he wants to be your boyfriend. 
  • He feels safe being vulnerable around you. Cuddling is a safe space for men to be their most vulnerable selves without fear of judgment. They like the sensation of calm that comes with a nice snuggle session.
  • He enjoys the intimacy of cuddling. Contrary to common perceptions, not all men crave physical contact all of the time. Sometimes they want to be intimate with you. They enjoy the intimacy they can get without removing each other’s clothes.
  • It makes him feel significant to you. If you’re wondering what cuddling means to men, it provides them a sense of significance. Cuddling is one of the most personal things you can do with your lover — it’s simply about being there.
  • He instinctively wants to make you feel safe. Men’s masculinity includes a desire to protect and keep you secure. They know you feel comfortable and relaxed in their arms when they embrace you. Men see hugging as a method to protect you. They also understand that cuddling makes you feel cherished, so when they snuggle you, it’s also a gesture of affection and warmth.

To understand what cuddling means to your specific guy, you’ll have to pay attention to all of his actions. Weigh all of his actions and you’ll be able to get a better sense of what everything means to him. 

Do Guys Cuddle With Just Any Girl?

It’s often pretty rare for a guy to cuddle with just any girl. Many guys save cuddling for their romantic partners and may be unwilling to cuddle with someone they have no romantic feelings for.

On the other hand, some guys may use it to communicate platonic affection between friends casually. This means it’s a tricky subject, even though most people equate snuggling with a love connection. 


Do Guys Like Cuddling?

Men are typically seen as people who dislike expressing or feeling emotions. When they display vulnerability, even in a loving act like cuddling, it might harm their manly reputation.

However, men are humans, and all humans need some form of physical touch to establish a connection with another person.

Don’t believe it when people say men don’t like to cuddle, as that couldn’t be far from the truth. A guy will love cuddling just as much as a woman would.

The issue is that when guys acknowledge they enjoy cuddling, society assumes they are weak or feminine, which is not the case. Men can enjoy snuggling just as much as women, especially given its numerous health benefits.

In a study that debunks gender stereotypes, researchers looked at couples in long-term relationships and discovered that males enjoy snuggling and touching more than women do.

However, men seek physical closeness just as much as women do, and many men like snuggling. A good cuddle is comfortable, relaxing, and provides a chance to be simple.

So yes, while every man is different, most men enjoy feeling close to someone in the form of being held. 

Can Guys Cuddle Without Feelings?

You may be wondering, “Can guys cuddle without feelings?” Yes, some males don’t want to cuddle with any lady, but some enjoy cuddling with any woman out there. It all depends on the guy and his partner to cuddle with. 

A desperate guy who is starving for a woman’s attention will view everything as a way to get closer to them.

So they don’t care if it’s a cuddle or a simple embrace. All they see the situation as is a chance to touch a woman. They may see every opportunity to touch you as an opportunity to be intimate. 

Even if they are not in love with a certain woman, they will still profess an interest in snuggling with her and are willing to cuddle with any girl they come across.

They do this because they anticipate that holding you in an intimate embrace will lead to more physical contact. They may only be interested in being bed partners and nothing more in this situation. 

Luckily, there are ways to decipher what his intentions are towards you. Body language is the one truth that many men can’t fake.

Even if his words are saying that he wants something deeper with you, his body will tell you the truth before he says anything.

This is especially important to remember if he’s not particularly vocal about his feelings. There are several body language clues that we will go over. 

Do Guys Cuddle With “Just Friends”?

Do guys cuddle with just friends? The answer to this one is that it’s very rare for them to do this. Often, a guy will not attempt to cuddle with you unless they are romantically interested in you.

This does not necessarily imply that they seek a serious or long-term relationship. Cuddling to them, for example, could be a way for them to progress into the territory of sleeping together.

They may frequently utilize snuggling to start kissing and then attempt to take things further. Cuddling might be an attempt to develop an intimate relationship with you.

However, there are exceptions to every rule, and some men out there will cuddle as just friends.

Have you ever observed a guy who is incredibly casual about intimacy and shares a physical closeness with a lot of his other female friends? Some men like cuddling with many girls but have no wrong intentions.

Cuddling, like hugs and other forms of physical contact, is considered by some men to be an element of establishing closeness in a friendship. 

It is also very possible for guy cuddles between a male friend to be purely platonic. Many cultures view hugging and kissing between men as entirely normal and beautiful ways to display endearment and love.

Incredibly secure men usually have no problem displaying platonic affection between themselves and their male friends. 

Guys, in general, appreciate and want to cuddle. While it is usually rare for them to cuddle as just friends, it isn’t a completely impossible situation. 

Will A Guy Cuddle If He Doesn’t Like You?

There are many different kinds of intentions that a man can bring to physical intimacy. This goes for all forms of it.

There are both romantic and non-romantic types of cuddles. A man can cuddle with his mother, sister, or another female who is close to him when he wants to show them that he cares. 

This also means that a man may cuddle a female friend he sees as having a difficult time.

So if a man encounters someone who is going through a difficult time or who is depressed, they may want to cuddle them and provide them with the comfort they requires.

This is especially true if the man has a more sensitive disposition. This may drive him to hug you and try to comfort you during this hard time. 

If A Guy Cuddles With You All Night Does He Like You?

Cuddling is a bonding activity. Snuggling generates a variety of pleasant endorphins that make you feel good.

So, if they’re eager to stay over and cuddle with you all night, it indicates that they may want to be more intimate with you than simply having a meaningless hookup. 

As social animals, it’s normal to want to feel close to someone. This is especially true after sleeping together.

However, if he’s cuddling you without attempting to sleep with you, he may also be showing you that he wants to be close with you. 

If the guy you like is willing to stay around and cuddle all night, you can bet that he wants to be close. He’s looking for intimacy from your connection.

Guys, on the whole, appreciate and are interested in cuddling and usually won’t spend the night doing it unless they are interested in you.

Whether that interest goes beyond being friends with benefits or more is really between you and the guy to figure out. 

However, you won’t typically see a man go out of his way to cuddle with a girl he has zero interest in especially if the cuddle session happens to go on all night. 

Difference Between Friendly Cuddling and Romantic Cuddling


Cuddling is an intimate component of every relationship, whether it’s a friendship or a romantic partnership.

Cuddling is when two consenting persons lie down, sit, or stand close together, with their bodies entwined, to experience one another’s presence. 

Not all cuddles are romantic, and you’ve likely experienced many platonic ones in your life. Think of a time when you’ve closely embraced one of your parents or a dear friend.

Two emotionally or physically close individuals frequently do cuddling, which indicates caring or attachment to one another.

But let’s say that you have a man in your life that you’re starting to catch to feeling for. Or perhaps you are already in love with a man and are unsure about his feelings for you.

You may be perplexed as to whether the person you are cuddling with regards you as merely a friend or as something more. You should look out for a few signals when cuddling to determine his intentions. 

Here are different examples of cuddles so that you can know if the connection between the two of you is friendly or romantic: 

#1 Holding hands side-by-side 

This cuddle involves sitting or standing next to each other, leaning on each other, and holding hands.

Holding hands can be perceived as quite innocent when it happens between men and women. It’s not always the most romantic way to cuddle.

However, pay attention to his body language as you stay in this embrace. Is he inching his way closer to you or are you noticing that he’s keeping his distance?

Perhaps he only holds your hands for a few seconds, indicating that this is only friendly? All of these clues can fill you in on what this cuddle means. 

#2 Quick hug only lasting a few seconds 

This is considered an incredibly friendly cuddle. Your upper body is mostly in contact. You can embrace your parents, siblings, and friends this way.

Friendly cuddling is comparable to a hug. A friendly embrace is also frequently light in touch. You’re not pressing your bodies up against each other and holding on tightly.

This will typically only go on for a couple of seconds before one of you chooses to let go. If these are the only cuddles you’re getting from the guy that you’re interested in, then he’s coming at you in a friendly and non-romantic way. 

#3 Sitting close together and facing one another

This would definitely be considered a romantic cuddle. There are many variations to this cuddle.

Some involve him putting his hand on your knee, wrapping his arm across your shoulders, or placing his head on your shoulder.

You wouldn’t stare deeply into the eyes of someone you weren’t interested in. This position allows both parties to engage in a deeper connection. 

#4 One-armed cuddle 

This one can be difficult to discern. However, pay attention to the clues his body language will give you.

This could easily be a friendly cuddle where he provides you with the bare minimum of intimacy. He may not be the cuddling type, but he recognizes the need for cuddling and wishes to make an effort even though it is not his specialty.

On the other hand, he may not be interested in you and hence does not wish to attempt full-on cuddling. 

#5 He is spooning you 

How would you describe his favorite cuddling position when you are together? Is his preferred way to snuggle cuddled up body-to-body?

You can reliably classify this as an incredibly romantic way for him to embrace you. This position usually entails having your behind pressed against him as well.

Also, allow him free range to hold and explore the front of you. 

The first thing he conveys by doing this is that he is physically interested in you. The second thing it means is that he feels comfortable being close to you. 

#6 Resting your head on his chest 

This is another one that instantly falls into the romance department. This position can mean he metaphorically and physically holds you near his heart.

He wants you to feel comfortable with him, and he has an intrinsic, if not subconscious, need to protect you.

Since you’re lying on his chest, this position can promote tenderness and closeness with a partner. It is the kind of position that helps both partners relax into one another and is a pretty good sign of romance between you. 

#7 Him resting or leaning on you 

This one could go one of two ways, depending on how long this embrace lasts. Did he quickly rest his head on you and then pick himself back up?

Or did he make it apparent that he wants to rest on you? His head may be on your chest or your lap, and you could caress his hair and make him feel at ease.

If the situation is the second one, then it is definitely a romantic embrace. He is expressing his desire for you and his feelings as though he can depend on you. 

#8 Seated hug 

A seated hug involves sitting side-by-side with one person embracing the other one. This one can often be in the friendlier territory of the spectrum.

That is because this is the kind of cuddle that could be done both by a couple of cuddles or by friends. It’s not unusual to give your friend a seated hug if you’re both hanging out and they’re going through something.

Or you may want to show them how much they mean to you. As with the other friendlier touches, you’ll have to decipher his actions as the cuddle session continues. Does he pull you in closer after the initial embrace?

Or does he pull his arm back and keep things neutral between the two of you? These signs will allow you to understand better whether this is a romantic or friendly embrace. 

#9 Face-to-face cuddle 

With a face-to-face cuddle, he is letting you know he feels fortunate to be with you. When we stare at our partner’s face, we create intimacy.

He may be staring at your face to watch your reactions while softly touching your arm or running his fingers through your hair.

This type of intimacy isn’t for the weak. Looking someone in the eyes allows you to get to know them. If he holds you in this embrace, you can guarantee your connection is romantic. 

#10 Knotted up in each other’s limbs 

You’re laying in bed or on the couch and wrapped up in each other. You can’t seem to figure out where you end and he begins.

This kind of cuddle would be classified as romantic. He isn’t sure what he wants, but he wants you to be there, so his snuggling style is a little sloppy.

He wants to be close to you, but not too near. This kind of embrace may be his way of slowly opening up to a potential relationship with you. 

Is Cuddling A Sign of Love?


There are a lot of ways to express your love for somebody. You can ensure all the dishes are washed after your partner cooks you a delicious meal.

You can purchase a present for them simply because you thought of them. You can grasp their hand or hold them in an embrace when they are having a tough day. 

According to Dr. Gary Chapman’s book “The 5 Love Languages,” physical contact is only one of the five love languages.

Body-to-body contact causes the release of oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel really good. If physical contact is someone’s love language, they value physical demonstrations of love over all other forms (such as verbal compliments or gifts).

Although it may be an essential component of a romantic relationship, physical contact as a love language is not just about that.

An embrace, a cuddle, holding hands, or even a pat on the back can be equally important expressions of love. 

So yes, cuddling can be a sign of love. Wrapping your arms around your lover may bring you closer physically and emotionally.

Cuddling isn’t always romantic, and the advantages of friendly contact and cuddling may extend beyond what we’ve ever imagined. 

Some signs that the cuddles between the two of you are turning into love is: 

#1 They can’t stop thinking about you 

Is he always thinking about you and letting you know? Do you feel the same way? As we mentioned, just like when you’re cuddling, being in love makes your body produce a surge of “feel-good” hormones.

These hormones can almost make you feel addicted to your partner. So if he’s constantly thinking about you and wants to see you more often, your cuddling partner shows you signs of falling in love with you. 

#2 Cuddling is his and your favorite thing about becoming intimate

Were you ever a big cuddler before you started dating this guy? If he’s always initiating cuddles after already being intimate with you, this could be a good sign of love growing between you.

Since cuddling increases the closeness you will feel toward one another, he may be interested in becoming close with you.

This is especially true if he’s big on physical contact and physical expressions of love. Pay attention to how he shows you attention and if he tends to be the kind of guy who likes to show his affection through touch. 

#3 The two of you don’t want to be around anyone else 

As we all know, that immediate rush at the beginning of a relationship will start to fade inevitably.

However, what makes you fall in love is the feelings of companionship that show up once you get to know each other. That’s what makes cuddling at the beginning crucial to building a relationship.

These chemicals help to kickstart the attraction at the beginning of things and allow you to feel a bond. However, once that starts to fade, you’ll be left with a companionate type of attachment.

This means that the two of you will want to spend more time together and you won’t want to be around anyone else. He also won’t want to cuddle with anyone else at this stage. 

Can Cuddling Make You Fall in Love?


There is a neurochemical explanation for why cuddling helps couples bond and grow closer.

As we mentioned previously, the physical act of cuddling causes the body to produce chemicals such as oxytocin and dopamine, which promote emotions of connection. 

Oxytocin, often known as the “love hormone,” enhances emotions of wellbeing, joy, and general happiness. 

Simply put, it hooks us, and our bodies crave it more and more, according to recent studies. So, if your lover is always trying to cuddle with you, there is a scientific reason. 

There are also a lot of other benefits to cuddling and our bodies benefit from cuddling with someone. 

Cuddling overall has a lot of health benefits that include: 

  • Encouraging closeness and connection between people 
  • Better sleep 
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety 
  • Alleviation of chronic pain 
  • Immune support 
  • Better cardiovascular health

But, can cuddling make someone fall in love? The answer to this depends. As we’ve mentioned, most men wouldn’t cuddle with someone they don’t already have feelings for.

However, this does not necessarily imply that they are searching for a serious or long-term relationship. Cuddling to them, for example, would be a transition into fooling around.

They may frequently start up the cuddling to increase their chances of being able to kiss you and then attempt to take things further.

Cuddling might be an attempt to develop an intimate relationship with you, but not necessarily anything more.

However, if you’re already in a relationship, then cuddling can actually help to strengthen your bond.

According to a recent study, the frequency with which couples cuddle is a greater predictor of a happy and healthy relationship than the frequency with which they are intimate.

The more you snuggle, the better your connection will become.