You Should Cut Him Off When He Disrespects You!

Your man had insulted you in public, ignored your feelings when you expressed them, and canceled dates at the last minute without giving a valid explanation.

You’re not quite sure whether the way he’s treating you is disrespectful or he has a terrible way of handling conflict? But your main concern is whether he’ll treat you like this throughout the relationship.

Will he continue embarrassing you publicly and making you feel like a fool?

Will there ever be any mutual respect between you? Will he ever acknowledge his disrespectful behavior and change?

No woman should accept such awful treatment from a man. Keep reading to discover why you should cut him off if he disrespects you. 

7 Signs Of A Disrespectful Man

Signs of a disrespectful man include that he insults you in public, ignores your feelings, and blames you for everything.

Here are five signs of a disrespectful man. 


#1 He Ignores Your Feelings

No matter how often you tell him his behavior upsets you, your words fall on deaf ears. His number one priority is himself, and he doesn’t care how you feel and you might even think he hates you.

He doesn’t need to tell you he doesn’t care because his actions tell you everything you need to know. He doesn’t love you enough to care..

#2 He Insults You In Public

Whether you’re out shopping or having dinner with friends, he has no problem insulting you in public in full earshot of the people around him.

A man who doesn’t respect you doesn’t respect himself because he’s not bothered about others hearing him use vulgar language towards you. In other words, he’s proud to be an abuser. 

#3 He Blames You For Everything

You can’t seem to do anything right, and it’s your fault whenever anything goes wrong. He even blames you for the way he treats you.

He tells you that if you do as he says, he won’t need to treat you like he does. The problem is that he still treats you like garbage whether you do what he says or not. 

#4 He’s Not Interested In Your Life

You have a good job, interesting hobbies, and a great set of friends, but your boyfriend has no interest in your life whatsoever.

When you start talking about yourself, he cuts you off and starts talking about himself. As far as he’s concerned, your life is insignificant, and he’d rather not hear about it. 

#5 He Puts A Lot Of Pressure On You

He will do things like arrange dinner parties at the last minute and expect you to drop everything off and cook. If you even dare say you’ve made other arrangements, he’ll throw a tantrum and demand you cancel them.

When you’re cooking for the dinner party, he’ll taste test the food and complain that he doesn’t like it and that you’re an embarrassment to him because you can’t cook.

Life with him is like one big pressure cooker. You never know when he’s going to explode! 

#6 He Violates Your Boundaries

You have the right to draw a line in your life and create your boundaries to determine how far people can cross. Anyone who violates those boundaries is sending you a clear message.

They don’t care about your boundaries, and they don’t care about how it makes you feel when they violate them.

It doesn’t need to be anything major, either. The smallest boundary violation proves he doesn’t intend to respect your boundaries. 

#7 He Doesn’t Value Your Relationships

Your boyfriend tells you how much he can’t stand your friends and family members. All his reasons are superficial and baseless. This is one of the major red flags in abusive relationships, and it could be the start of something a lot more sinister.

When men don’t value their girlfriend’s relationships, they isolate them. They plan to get them to cut ties with all their nearest and dearest because it will be easier to abuse them. 

10 Reasons You Should Cut Him Off If He Disrespects You

You are too valuable to allow a man to disrespect you; therefore, you should cut him off because you deserve better, he will destroy your self-esteem or worsen. Here are ten reasons you should cut him off if he disrespects you. 


#1 You Deserve Better

All women deserve to be treated like queens, and there are plenty of men out there who will treat you as such.

A man will only treat you how you allow him to, and if you keep letting him walk all over you, that’s exactly what he’ll do.

It doesn’t have to be like this, don’t waste another second with a disrespectful man. Cut him off, and find someone better. 

#2 He Will Destroy Your Self Esteem

A man disrespects a woman through his words and his actions. He will tell you you’re worthless, then confirm it with his actions.

The longer this goes on, the more you’ll believe it, and after a while, your self-esteem will be so low that you’ll start believing you deserve to be treated like this. 

#3 It Will Get Worse

The disrespect will worsen, the insults will cut deeper, and he’ll become even more self-absorbed.

The longer you stay, the harder it will be to leave because your self-esteem will be so low that you’ll convince yourself you’ll never find anyone better.  

#4 He Will End Up Cheating

Disrespect manifests in many forms, and one of them is cheating. His main concern is fulfilling his wants and needs, which means if he sees another woman he’s attracted to, he won’t think twice about hitting on her.

Before you know it, he’ll have two or three women on rotation, and he won’t even miss you

#5 It Will Affect Your Children

If you’ve got kids, you can’t afford for them to see your partner treat you with no respect.

According to experts, children are like sponges, and they absorb everything, you may not think they’re picking up on the shade your partner throws at you, but they’re paying full attention.

If you’ve got boys, he’ll grow up thinking disrespecting women is okay. If you’ve got girls, they’ll grow up thinking it’s okay for men to disrespect them. 

#6 It Might Get Physical

Disrespect can escalate; before you know it, he’s putting his hands on you. Men with no respect for women are notorious for domestic violence.

As far as they’re concerned, they have the right to hit a female if she doesn’t comply. So, before insults turn to black eyes, pack your bags and leave! 

#7 You Will Teach Him A Lesson

By cutting him off, you are letting him know that not only can he not treat you like that, but he can’t treat other women like that. He may not respect women because he was raised in an environment where women were disrespected.

If that’s the case, he thinks his behavior is normal. When you cut him off, tell him exactly why and inform him that he can’t go around treating women like that. Hopefully, he’ll be nicer in his next relationship, but unfortunately for him, you won’t be staying to find out if his disrespectful behavior will improve. 

#8 There Are Better Men Out There

The longer you hang onto a douchebag, the longer it will take for you to find your knight in shining armor. There are plenty of decent men out there who will treat you with the respect you deserve.

Why beg to be treated like a queen when some men feel it’s their duty to?

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#9 You Will Never Be His Priority

A disrespectful man will never prioritize you because he’s too selfish. All he thinks about is himself and his needs; what you want won’t even factor into the equation.

You can cry him a river for days and weeks on end, but he’ll never consider your feelings. 

#10 You Will End Up Bitter

Women who stay in relationships with disrespectful men end up bitter. They hope and pray he’ll change, but he’s worse ten years and two kids later!

By this time, she’s angry and bitter because she’s wasted the best part of her life with a man who never loved her.

She then carries this baggage into the next relationship, and the cycle repeats itself. Cut him off now before you turn into a miserable old man hater! 

How To Cut Him Off When He Disrespects You?

Cutting your boyfriend off won’t be easy, but it’s got to be done. Start by speaking to him, then block him on all platforms, and finally, move on with your life.


Here are the three steps you’ll need to take to cut your partner off.

#1 Speak to Him

Depending on how disrespectful he is, there’s a possibility he won’t listen to you, but it’s worth a try. Before approaching him, I would advise that you write everything down so you don’t forget anything.

List some of the times you feel he’s disrespected you the most, and why you feel it was disrespectful and why you can no longer be in a relationship with someone who treats you this way.

He may apologize and give you a sob story about why he’s been so mean to you, but stand your ground. Don’t give him a second chance. If he wants to apologize, that’s fine. Accept the apology and keep it moving. 

#2 Block Him On All Platforms

Regardless of how mean your boyfriend was to you, if you’ve been together for a while, it will be hard to break up with him. He was a significant part of your life, and now he’s gone.

The first few weeks after a breakup are the most difficult because you’re extremely vulnerable. Experts compare a breakup to grieving the death of a loved one.

And that’s when he’ll attempt to worm his way back into your life. To prevent this, make sure he has no way of contacting you by blocking him on all platforms

#3 Get On With Your Life

Now the relationship is over and you’ve got your freedom back, it’s time to get on with your life. That doesn’t mean going out and meeting another man, even if it’s only for a fling.

Now is the time to heal. He may not have been at the end of being disrespectful, but you still experienced trauma. Spend some time alone and get to know yourself again.

You may need therapy to help you process what you’ve been through. Go back to doing the things you’re passionate about, take a vacation, go shopping, or go to a spa, but whatever you do, just make sure you treat yourself kindly. 

Will Cutting Him Off Make Him Miss And Respect You?

That depends on several factors. But in general, if he knows he’s disrespectful and gets away with treating all his girlfriends that way, cutting him off will make him miss you and respect you because you’ll intrigue him.

He’ll want to know why you’re so different from the other women he’s dated. On the other hand, cutting him off won’t bother him because he’ll turn his attention to someone else if he’s dating several females.

Nevertheless, if he starts sending you messages that he misses you, or that he knows he messed up, ignore them. Once you cut him off, leave that door closed and don’t look back. 

Final Thought

I am pretty sure you knew your man was a disrespectful jackass before you cut him off, but now it’s confirmed, and it’s time to start snipping! He must know that you don’t deserve to be treated like dirt.

Unfortunately, men like that don’t do any soul-searching, so he probably won’t change. When you cut him off, he’ll likely go looking for his next victim.

Now that he’s gone, your main concern should be rebuilding your confidence and becoming so sure of yourself that no man will ever dare disrespect you again.