Can a Man Fall in Love with his Side Chick?

A side chick is someone a guy dates in addition to his official girlfriend or wife. She offers him the chance to have fun without all the trappings of a committed relationship. 

Sexual desire is usually at the core of any side chick relationship, while the emotional connection the man shares with his main chick is missing. 

Men may have genuine feelings for their side chick, but she’s there to provide an exciting sex life without the drama and emotional baggage that goes with a long-term relationship. 

Over time, some men start developing feelings for their side chick, and the relationship deepens.

This doesn’t happen very often, with statistics suggesting that “only 3 to 5% of married men who have affairs” divorce their wives and get together with their mistresses

If you know your partner has a side chick in his life, it’s only natural that, at some point, you will start wondering how deep that relationship is. 

Can a man fall in love with his side chick? It all depends on the nature of his relationship with his main chick and whether he develops true feelings for his side chick. 

10 Signs He Loves His Side Chick

You must know if your man’s in love with his side chick. While it’s possible to love more than one person at a time, you might not be interested in sharing your man’s love with his side chick. 


If you want a truly monogamous relationship, you need to know the brutal truth to decide if you want to move forward with the relationship or call it quits. 

If you suspect that he’s falling in love with his side chick, but you need more evidence to convince yourself, look out for the following signs:

#1 He Prioritizes Her

The more we value someone, the more we prioritize their needs over and above everything else. 

A man who cares more about his side chick’s feelings than his spouse clearly says his side chick is more important to him. He’s developed feelings for her that go beyond a physical connection. 


She accepts him for who he is and doesn’t pressure him to become a better version of himself.

As a result, they enjoy quality time together that isn’t overshadowed by everyday needs and concerns, like paying the bills or getting the kids to school on time. 

She makes him feel valued, and in return, he prioritizes her, withdrawing his attention from his main chick to fulfill the needs of his side girl. 

He could even put more effort into making his side chick relationship work than his main relationship.

#2 He Spends All His Free Time with Her

You used to laze around in bed on Sunday, reading the paper and talking about absolutely nothing. 

These days, he’s up at the crack of dawn, gulping a cup of coffee before heading off to the gym, or so he claims. 


The evenings seem full of work commitments and social events you’re no longer invited to. 

What could be taking up so much of his time if not his side chick? 

People will spend time on the things they value the most in their lives, whether that’s another person or a specific hobby or interest. 

A man who spends time with his side chick feels comfortable with her and values her presence. 

She makes him feel secure and valued, making him forget about time and neglect his other responsibilities, namely you!

#3 She Triggers His Hero Instinct

A man falls for someone who makes him feel like a hero. She wants him to be around to protect and support her and, in doing so, fulfill his deep-seated hero instinct. 


Men have a primal need to be appreciated, to provide for those they care about, and to be respected by those around them. 

A clear sign that a man is falling for his side chick is his instinctive desire to protect and provide for her. 

#4 He Stops Trying to Hide his Side Chick Relationship

Any relationship coach worth their salt will tell you that once a man stops being secretive about his side chick, he’s losing interest in his main relationship


He’s gone past the point where he’s worried about upsetting his main chick and no longer cares about keeping the peace. 

Once your partner goes public with his side chick, it suggests he’s given up on his main relationship and is pushing it towards its inevitable conclusion. 

Side chicks are supposed to be secretive connections that exist in addition to a main romantic relationship. It’s difficult to distinguish a side chick from the main chick without that secrecy. 

In this scenario, your man puts his side chick relationship first because he no longer cares about keeping up appearances. 

His feelings have changed, and he no longer wants to be in an unsatisfying relationship because he’s got another one on the side that he finds more gratifying. 

#5 He Gets Jealous

A man that gets jealous when his side chick spends time with someone else is showing signs of falling in love with her. 

Even though he’s having relationships with two women simultaneously, he still feels possessive enough over his side chick that he becomes jealous when he sees her with another guy. 


It may not be a committed relationship, but he’s still terrified of losing her. He’s still forcing her to share him with someone else, but he wants her all to himself. 

Men fall for emotionally present women, and when his side chick withdraws from him and engages with someone else, he realizes how much he values her.

There’s something unique about her that he fears he won’t find anywhere else. 

Once a guy starts feeling like this, the emotional connection will likely deepen. 

#6 He Stops Wearing His Wedding Ring

When a man wears a wedding ring, he announces to the world that he’s in a serious relationship with someone. 

When he takes it off, it clearly shows his commitment is wavering. 


He doesn’t want the world to know he’s in a relationship because he no longer feels the emotional connection that led to that commitment in the first place. 

When a married man removes his wedding ring, he breaks his loyalty to his partner and shows his side chick that he’s available. 

If you suddenly find your partner’s wedding ring stashed away in his wallet, this is a great sign that he’s falling in love with his side chick. 

#7 His Interests Change

Your partner used to enjoy the same things as you. You would spend the weekends hiking in the countryside, binge-watching reality TV shows, or sampling new dishes from the local Indian takeaway. 

All of sudden, he’s no longer interested in doing any of these things. He’s barely around at the weekend, and when he is, he’s more interested in playing computer games than going for a hike. 


Reality TV no longer interests him as much as watching old black-and-white horror movies, and he’s suddenly developed a preference for Asian food. 

The fact that his interests have changed so dramatically indicates that he’s aligning them more with his side chick’s interest than with yours. 

He obviously likes her and wants to become the person she enjoys hanging out with.

This is a clear sign he’s falling in love with her and is willing to make some big changes to make himself more appealing. 

#8 He Makes Plans with Her

Unless your partner planned on keeping his side chick relationship going, he would focus on the here and now and not worry too much about the future. 

When he starts helping her find a new apartment that will make it easier to see each other or offers to help fund her studies so she can get a better job in the future, it’s a sure sign he’s falling in love with her. 


Men who are having a casual fling rarely think beyond the moment. It’s all about the sex life and nothing else. 

Making plans together shows that the relationship has deepened and is no longer just physical. 

The emotional connection has developed to the point that he wants to incorporate his side chick into his future life. 

#9 He Ignores You

When a guy falls in love with another woman, he gives her all his time and attention. 

At the beginning of the relationship, his whole world revolved around you, and when you were apart, he’d send you messages so you’d know he was thinking about you. 


These days, he ignores your phone calls, rarely sends you a message, and spends most of his free time glued to his phone. 

These signs all indicate he’s more committed to the other woman than he is to you. 

He no longer cares about keeping up appearances because he doesn’t mind whether or not your relationship lasts. 

His connection with his side chick is so satisfying that he no longer fears losing you. 

#10 He Spends Money on Her

Actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to money. 

A man who suddenly stops saving up for that romantic vacation or abandons your plans to invest in a new apartment is probably spending his money elsewhere. 


Maybe he’s invested money in his side chick for a new business venture or is helping her find an apartment of her own so they can spend more time together. 

Either way, once the money starts flowing in her direction, it’s clear his emotions are heading that way as well. 

FAQ About The Side Chick

What is the Purpose of a Side Chick?

A side chick offers something that the main relationship is lacking. Often, that starts as excitement and sex, but over time, the relationship may deepen, offering an intimacy that’s faded between a guy and his main chick. 

In a committed relationship, a guy has to be accountable for his behavior, but in a side chick relationship, he needs to do nothing more than be himself. 

Concerns about finances and conflicts over the future don’t happen in a side-chick relationship. It’s all about the here and now.

Is a Side Chick a Relationship?

A side chick relationship might start with a purely physical connection, but over time it may deepen into something more. 

When a guy spends a lot of time with his side chick and starts to engage with her emotionally, it develops into a real relationship. 

At this point, there’s a danger a guy could fall in love with his side chick, especially if his main relationship is going through a tough patch. 

Can a Man Love Two Women at the Same Time?

It’s possible to fall in love with a second person while still loving the first. It’s happened to me. 

I fell in love with someone else while married and found myself with a very tough choice to make. Ultimately, I worked at the marriage and let the side relationship go, but it wasn’t easy. 

Men can love more than one person at a time just as easily as they can like two different flavors of ice cream. 

His love for his main chick may differ greatly from his love for his side chick, especially if their relationship is in a different phase. 

He may still be fascinated with his side chick, whereas his relationship with you has matured into something more emotionally mature. 

Although a guy can love two women at the same time he’ll find it difficult to accept you doing the same. 

According to an article in PsychologyToday, even those who enjoy having a side chick relationship in addition to the main one “would find it enormously difficult, if not impossible, to share their beloved with someone else.”


Can a man fall in love with his side chick? Men sometimes fall in love with their side chicks, but that doesn’t mean they’ll abandon their main relationship

It’s possible for men to love two women simultaneously, but it’s difficult for them to meet all their needs.

Consequently, a man’s relationship with his spouse or girlfriend usually suffers when he falls in love with someone else. 

If you suspect your partner is falling for his side chick, you might want to consider asking a certified relationship coach for some advice. 

The chances of your partner letting his side chick go when he’s on the brink of falling in love with her are very slight.

You may not even want to pursue the relationship knowing that he’s been unfaithful to you. 

On the other hand, you might want to fight for your relationship and find a way to repair the damage and move forward. 

Either way, highly trained relationship coaches are on hand to help you make those decisions and move on to the next phase in your life.