AI Editorial Policy

How We Use AI

In Romantified, we promise to give you the most truthful and accurate information on love and relationships.

We have a unique way of writing our articles based on giving clear, practical, and trustworthy information.

Sometimes, we use AI to help us write some parts of our content or create images that improves the articles on this website.

We have a checklist to ensure that any writing made with the help of AI follows our unique way of writing articles.

Also, we always make sure a human checks and says “OK” to the content before we publish anything online.

This means, no story will go straight from AI onto our site without someone properly checking it first.

The team at Romantified is always working hard to write better, easier-to-read, and trustworthy articles.

If you want to ask about our content, share your thoughts or you have any worry, please let us know by visiting this page.