About Romantified

Welcome to Romantified! Our URL might have given you a clue, but let’s clarify immediately: we’re all about acquiring wisdom in the complex world of dating and relationships. Through our extensive catalog of posts, guides, and how-tos, we strive to make your love life richer and more fulfilling.

Meet the Founder – Alexander Burgemeester

First, let’s get to know the man behind this initiative – Alexander Burgemeester. As a licensed Psychologist by academic standards but a lifelong student of human behavior at heart, he ventured into relationships to better understand and explore the myriad ways we form connections, communicate love, handle heartbreak, and brave new beginnings.

Alexander’s close study of behavioral patterns, coupled with a passion for sharing knowledge, led to the birth of Romantified. His clinical background and experience give him a nuanced understanding of relationship dynamics, and his warm, approachable manner of writing resonates with readers seeking minor tweaks and drastic changes in their love lives.

This website was part of my other website Thenarcissisticlife.com, but I decided to split the websites because the topics were too far apart. You might notice the images still have the name of my other website on them.

Why Relationships and Dating?

Now, you might wonder – why dating and relationships? Perhaps more than anything else, love and relationships shape the fabric of our lives. They bring immeasurable joy, occasional heartache, challenges, and great life lessons. They are, at once, our most intimate and universal experiences.

Whether you’re seasoned in matters of the heart or a newcomer stepping unsteadily into the dating arena, we’re pretty sure you’ve had at least a moment’s pondering how it all works. Alexander, too, believes that understanding relationships and dating – and thereby understanding ourselves and others better – is fundamental.

What to Expect Here?

In essence, Romantified is about demystifying dating and relationships. How? By relentlessly digging into the whys and whats and presenting them in the most accessible, reader-friendly way possible.

Under the broad umbrella of ‘Romantified,’ you’ll find plenty of data-driven yet compassionate answers to questions like ‘How to date guys?’ or ‘How to date girls?’ You’ll get valuable insights on gender-neutral dating advice, foolproof first date tips, ways to sustain long-term relationships, navigating breakups, and more.

Intricacies Made Easy

At Romantified, we’re committed to creating content people from all walks of life can relate to and appreciate. We use easy-to-understand language, relatable examples, and genuine empathy to discuss dating and relationships. We believe in rendering complex topics simple, not by undermining their intricacy but by mapping their diversity in a language everyone understands.

Your Partner in the Journey

At its core, Romantified is designed to be your confidante, your comforting space, and your go-to resource for all things love. It’s a platform where you can deeply understand human behavior in romantic contexts, making your pathway to love smoother and more navigable.

We hope you feel welcome here and find what you’re looking for. Get ready to join us on this enriching journey of love, understanding, and growth!